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Weight: 8 g
Availability: Made to order

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  • Quick processing of your order

Jewelry and other accessories are 100% handmade. It’s not a mass products. Usually we need 5-7 working days to make perfect pendant, chain or ring with size you need. Sometimes it may take a little more time, but usually this is due only to the fact that we want to make the perfect item for you! Every ring, pendant, chain or bracelet from our store is made by order and crafted with great passion to details.

  • Worldwide shipping available!

All parcels comes to your address or your local post office (it depends on the rules of your local post office). By default, all packages must be delivered directly to customer, but if at the time of delivery you were not at home, then you have to pick up the parcel from your local post office.

  • Shipping terms

shipping to United States and Canada usually takes 14 - 20 days

shipping to United Kingdom and European Union usually takes 7 - 10 days

shipping to Australia and New Zealand usually takes 3 - 4 weeks

shipping to all other countries up to 3 - 4 weeks

Stay informed that sometimes there could be some postal delays during local holidays and sometimes parcels arrives even faster.

  • Careful packaging

All parcels have several stages of packing. The first is a branded box, and the second is a bubble envelope. It means that you don’t need to worry about safety of ring or pendant you’ve ordered!

  • Branded box + Bonus CD

All parcels comes with bonus CD full of really cool Scandinavian folk songs so you can enjoy Viking culture at home or in your car!

  • Registered mail + Tracking number

All parcels comes with tracking number so you can track shipment through your local post or online service (USPS tracking service, 17 Track etc.)

Luxury male and female silver ring in the shape of a bird from viking-workshop

When the man saw a bird in the sky he was fascinated by it. The magic of the flight itself beckons each and every one of us. With a great desire even for a moment to see the world of our winged friends, a lot of scientists and developers made more and more world-changing discoveries. Furthermore, the bird symbolism is very extensive and everyone knows at least a few superstitious beliefs related to these delightful creatures.

There is no doubt that a bird is an independent creature, and we cannot take it with us no matter how much we want it. However, you can always buy Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry at our store, and your personal tiny bird will accompany you wherever you go! And we also offer you Ape Sterling Silver Animal Monkey Ring Unique Jewelry in order to mix up your everyday looks.

Custom production of all available items

Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry viking-workshop offers different options, including in terms of sizes and materials. It is provided thanks to handmade production based on customers` wishes. It means that you get a unique item, as everybody knows that artisanal work always leaves a mark of the creator in the final product.

And, you can also order Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry together with Firebird Phoenix Bronze Pendant or other items you like at an attractive price and with prompt delivery to any place in the whole world!

Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry

  • Unique handmade ring
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)
  • Branded box
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging
  • Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver
  • Weight: approx. 7 - 8 g
  • The weight of the ring depends on its size
  • Can be made in any size you need (7 1/2 US, 11 1/4 US etc.)


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