Designer Men’s Jewelry that Can Bring you a 170% Profit

- 11 stylish collections, 1000+ items

- Materials: 925 silver and 14-18k gold

- Best-sellers in 70 countries

If you are ready to get new customers and earn more money, your main task is to look for new opportunities and offer customers an exciting and eye-catching product that is in high demand.

Viking Workshop is a modern and popular jewelry brand. We present a wide range of handmade jewelry, which are of great interest to a wealthy male audience.

A little about us

The Viking Workshop brand was founded in 2014. In total, we have become an international full-cycle company. We provide the design and manufacturing process - from the idea to the finished product.

Over the past three years, we have sent 20,000 orders to 70 countries.

Viking Workshop jewelry will become a bestseller and provide you with steady profit growth. 

Why choose our jewelry? 

- Unique author’s design;

- 100% handcrafted;

- Exemplary accuracy of details and ornaments;

- 6-step quality control. 

All raw materials for jewelry products like pure silver and branded Italian ligature are carefully selected and purchased from reliable suppliers. 

We can design individual models for our partners that are based on the preferences of their targeted auditory. It includes the production of personalized exclusive items that are made in a single copy. 

This is the type of product that is appreciated by men and that is characterized as “Top quality and amazing design”. These are unique items that you can propose to your clients. You increase personal profit by selling exclusive jewelry of a promising brand.

A Wide Variety of Products  

- Signets

- Rings with gemstones

- Wedding rings

- Pendants

- Chains

- Bracelets

- Cufflinks

We have everything that can be interesting for men. Today we have more than 11 collections of various thematic items.

Top Jewelry Collections

- Viking and Celtic Jewelry

- Masonic Jewelry

- Egypt Jewelry

- Sailor Collection 

- Geometry Collection 

- BDSM Collection 

- Biker Accessory

Men’s Fashion Jewelry

Girl's Fashion Jewelry

We create 20 to 30 new jewelry items monthly.

Drop-Shipping Cooperation - Direct Delivery to the Buyer

- Your discount: 15–30%. 

- You pay 100% of the order value  

- You provide us with the correct data of your client (name, address, etc.)  

- We make orders (2–5 days) and send to a client (attaching the tracking number). 

Payment options: PayPal, Stripe, Wire Transfer. 
Delivery: USPS, FedEx Express: 7–15 working days.

How can you double your investments? 
Let’s take a 70$ ring as an example. 

1. If you have a 30% discount – the ring’s final cost is 49$. 

2. The average price in retails stores for the same item in the USA and Europe starts at 100$. You can easily form your own item price based on marketing research in your region. As a rule, the minimum margin rank is 100% and higher (most often 150-170%). 

3. Therefore, your profit from 1 item is 50$ per unit. Which means that you double your investments at the very least. 

Special Offer 

Do you want to see and estimate the jewelry products by yourself before start any partnership? 

Get your own free jewelry sample up to $50. And see it with your own eyes. You can estimate the product’s quality and design.

Contact Us 

Phone number: +380934113366 (WhatsApp) 


We are ready to answer your questions and discuss the collaboration.