Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry
   1 reviews
Luxury male and female silver ring in the shape of a bird from viking-workshop When the man saw a bird in the sky he was fascinated by it. The magic of the flight itself beckons each and every one of us. With a great desire even for a moment to see t..
Dragon Claw Sterling Silver Pagan Ring
   1 reviews
Dragon Claw - stylish ring made of the finest silver by the most talented craftsmen of today Celtic mythology is so rich that it will engage you for months on end, and the culture of these ancient peoples will make you forget about all the other pass..
Dragon Paw Ring Sterling Silver Ring Handcrafted Pagan Jewelry
   1 reviews
Unique dragon ring silver made by the leading craftsmen of the viking-workshop storeThe image of the dragon is found in almost every world culture, and a rare religion does not mention this powerful creature. In particular, it takes a place of great ..
14K Gold Jormungand Ring with Viking Ornamen Pagan Jewelry
   1 reviews
14K Gold Jormungand Ring with Viking Ornamen Pagan JewelryUnique handmade ringMade-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)Branded boxWorldwide shipping + Tracking numberCareful packagingMetal: gold 10 -11 gThe weight ..
Jormungandr Ring 14K Yellow Gold Handcrafted Norse Jewelry
   1 reviews
Magnificent ring with Jörmungand sea serpent from the craftsmen of the viking-workshop storeIn Norse mythology Jörmungand, or as it was called Midgardsorm or Midgard serpent was very well known. Its father is the famous god of deception and trickery ..
Ram Skull Ring Sterling Silver Unique Animal Jewelry
   2 reviews
Magnificent Ram Skull Ring is a peculiar jewelry with a profound meaning Each piece of jewelry in viking-workshop collection has a distinctive message. Some of them are designed to protect its wearer, other help to create an especial image and stand ..
Small Lion Sterling Silver Animal Ring Handcrafted Jewelry
   1 reviews
Small Lion Sterling Silver Animal Ring Handcrafted Jewelry Unique handmade ring Made-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size) Branded box Worldwide shipping + Tracking number Careful packaging Metal: 925 silver, ste..
Lion Sterling Silver Animal Ring Handcrafted Jewelry
   1 reviews
Luxurious handmade ring with the image of a lion - a great acquisition for your own use or as a gift The beauty of the jewelry is not all that draws the attention of a modern consumer. No less important is the symbolism of the chosen accessory. For e..
Wolf Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry
   2 reviews
Ferociouswolf ring - a perfect accessory for your casual and business look In Norse mythology, the wolves had a special place. Alot of legends and fascinating stories came from Ancient Scandinavia containeda reference to this animal. RingWolf St..
Ouroboros Sterling Silver Pendant Viking Amulet
   1 reviews
Our vision of Ouroboros serpent in the new pendant made of high-quality silverThe coiled snake biting its own tail, is one of the oldest mythological characters, the occurrence of which still cannot be established even the most renowned researchers. ..
Lunula Pendant Sterling Silver Female Necklace with Raven Symbol
   3 reviews
FeminineMoon and majestic raven in a delightful pendant from the great craftsmen of ourstoreWhatever culture you look at, it is bound to have aspecial perception of the Moon and the Sun. These two celestial bodies areclosely related, and at the same ..
Raven Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet
   1 reviews
Bronze pendant in the shape of a Raven The Norse mythology had a powerful Odin god, who was the master of the Valkyries. He had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn. Their names, if translated, meant “thought” and “memory”. They flew all over the worl..
Huginn and Muninn Bronze Pendant Odin's Ravens Viking Amulet
   3 reviews
Amulet with a pair of all-seeing Ravens of the supreme Norse god OdinThe Huginn and Muninn Bronze Pendant Odin's Ravens Viking Amulet got its name because of two ravens Huginn and Muninn who hovered over Midgard relayed everything that was going on t..
Witcher Wolf School Pendant Sterling Silver Unique Wolf Amulet
   1 reviews
Silver pendant with the symbol of the wolf handmade by the best craftsmen of the viking-workshop storeWolf symbols are very popular in the mythology of many nationalities, and this animal in itself is associated with high intelligence, dedication and..
Fox Pendant Bronze Animal Amulet
   2 reviews
“Cunning” pendant with a beautiful fox made of bronze by the leading masters of viking-workshopThe phrase “as sly as a fox” comes first to mind of almost anyone when it comes to these cute fiery red animals. The popularity of Fox Pendant Bronze Anima..
Wolf Sterling Silver Pendant Viking Amulet
   1 reviews
Unique wolf pendant made of sterling silverMany ancient peoples associated the image of the wolf with certain symbolism. The ancient Norse tribes associated the animal with their god Odin. He had two wolves Geri and Freki, who guarded their master an..
Celtic Wolf Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet
   1 reviews
Celtic Wolf Bronze Pendant is a representation of the most essential human qualities of its owner When studying the culture of the Celts, history scholars often highlight the widespread use of the wolf symbol. The animal in itself is very often singl..
Celtic Wolf Sterling Silver Pendant Pagan Amulet
   1 reviews
The ferocity and fearlessness of the majestic Celtic wolf in a unique pendant from the viking-workshop storeIt is difficult to imagine a person who has never have heard of the Celts. Even people who do not care much for history know this legendary pe..
Horse Sterling Silver Pendant Animal Amulet
   2 reviews
Stylish horse pendant for connoisseurs of classical symbolismIt is well known that the dog is man’s best friend. But, historically this was not the first animal tamed by the man, but it was the horse. They have played an important role in the life of..
Ram Sterling Silver Pendant Animal Amulet
   1 reviews
Pendant amulet as a symbol of male power and nature   No doubt, the ram is a rather stubborn and controversial animal. But at the same time, he is also the home helper and provider. It is the combination of these qualities that made the ancient ..
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Trendy Animal Jewelry

With animal jewelry gaining popularity, we couldn’t miss a chance to take a peek at the new jewelry collections and shed light on this trend. Great news for all animal lovers is that you can find and buy handmade jewelry pieces of any designs in any material starting from wood to sterling silver and gold, no boundaries, no limits! We’ve found some adorable pieces and you will not have to worry about how to combine them into sets or if they fit your style, we have some ideas for you and are eager to share this beauty.

  • With the elephant wooden necklace, you will get the strength and wisdom of the sacred creature. Wearing it with brass elephant charm piece would perfectly match boho or indie style.
  • Wear the colorful butterfly necklace with a bracelet or earrings if you are a dreamer and it will give you a feeling of freedom and lightness. Butterfly jewelry seems to be present in each animal jewelry collection, so you won’t miss it.
  • This unique sterling silver starfish pendant is our absolute favorite. Suits any style, elegant and uniform.

A handmade pendant or ring with a person’s favorite animal will definitely hit the mark if you choose it for a gift.